Dear Crooked Cop (a letter to corrupt law enforcement)

by Mr. P Chill

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In the wake of countless police killings of civilians, in particular, unarmed African American males, across the United States, Sacramento, CA based emcee, Mr. P Chill, has penned a letter to corrupt law enforcement. This song is due to be included in the release of his 12th album, “The Beautiful Revolution”, in early 2017.


Dear cooked cop,

What goes through your mind every time you cross that line

What makes you do this

You inflict pain in the name of upholding justice

While the justice you swore to uphold

Is destroyed with every taze and choke hold

Sometimes you get bold and grab your gun

God be with the scared ones who turn and run

You have a family who wants you to come home

As your “warning shots” penetrate a young man’s dome

You’re scared for your life?

Of a man who's fleeing?

His family expected to see him this evening

Now the story’s all over the TV

While you take paid administrative leave believe me

I don’t think your heart heald fear

I think it was hate

The more we question, the more we debate

The far right says the victims had it coming

Really? A death sentence for running?

Or selling a tax-free cigarette?

No petty crime should result in death

And no cop should hand down a sentance

Let the judge decide who pays what penance

And stick to what you’re paid to do, keeping the peace

Not creating war, out in the streets

That’s right, you’re supposed to keep the peace

So stop making war, out on these streets


Mr. P Chill


released October 26, 2016
Written & Produced by Mr. P Chill

Fat Tip Publishing (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Mr. P Chill Sacramento, California

This 23+ year hip hop vet lays his entire lifetime of experiences on every track, every drop of blood and sweat and every tear shed is a part of what makes his music so real. He is not some emcee hiding behind a partition of lies, but rather a person as real as you. Chill writes of the hardships of the working poor, the anger of the youth and tries to find solutions to a world gone wrong. ... more

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